Live: Team Rynkeby's Tour de Paris 2017

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Live from Tour de Paris - July 8-15 2017

Live broadcast & Live GPS tracking

The tour has ended: Video from Team Rynkeby's conclusion in Paris July 15 2017.

Broadcast equipment: Best Broadcast Hire.

Prologue July 8 Team Rynkeby Copenhagen Copenhagen - Gremersdorf (212 km) 08:30 AM
Stage 1 July 9 Team Rynkeby Göteborg Kiel - Stemmen (189 km)    09:00 AM
Stage 2 July 10 Team Rynkeby Kristianstad Verden - Münster (194 km) 07:15 AM
Stage 3 July 11 Team Rynkeby Malmö Osnabrück - Neukirchen-Vluyn (164 km)
07:45 AM
Stage 4 July 12 Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest Legden - Valkenburg (188 km) 07:45 AM
Stage 5 July 13 Mur de Huy Live from Mur de Huy 08:00 AM
Stage 6 July 14 Team Rynkeby Odense Heer Sur Meuse - Compiègne (201 km) 06:45 AM
Stage 7 July 15 Paris Live from the arrival in Paris 12:00 AM

All 44 teams are biking with a GPS tracker provided by the Swedish GPS company RedKnows. This allows you to constantly see where the different teams are. If two teams are biking close together, zoom in on the map to see both teams.

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"Team Rynkeby – Bound for Paris"

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