Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team. Every summer we cycle to Paris to raise money for children with cancer and their families.

Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002, when 11 amateur cyclists associated with Rynkeby Foods A/S decided to cycle to Paris to see the final stage of the Tour de France.

Rynkeby Foods was the main sponsor of their trip, which was also backed by other companies. In fact, the cyclists who joined the world's first Team Rynkeby team were so accomplished at finding sponsors that, when the team returned to Denmark just over a week later, the team had made € 5,100 profit.

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Team Rynkeby donated their profits to the children's cancer unit at Odense University Hospital. A tradition was born!

1,700 cyclists in six countries

Today's Team Rynkeby comprises 1,700 cyclists and 450 volunteers, divided into 44 local teams in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Team members are selected from thousands of applicants, who have completed the application form on the Team Rynkeby website.

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Every penny helps children with cancer

For almost a whole year participants must not only prepare themselves for the 1,200 kilometre trip to Paris but they are also obliged to do what they can to raise money for children with cancer and their families.

Rynkeby Foods A/S covers the primary costs of the project. This means that every penny that Team Rynkeby raises in each country goes to the local childhood cancer association in that country.

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In 2016, Team Rynkeby raised just over € 8.84 million to fight childhood cancer in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

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"Team Rynkeby – Bound for Paris"

Team Rynkeby documentary shown on national television in Denmark in the autumn 2016.

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Children with cancer

Team Rynkeby raises money for children critically diseases in six countries.

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