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Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris for the 18th time from 29 June to 6 July 2019. The project involves 2,100 cyclists and 500 volunteers distributed across 54 local teams in seven countries: Denmark (19 teams), Sweden (16 teams), Norway (9 teams), Finland (7 teams), Faroe Islands (1 team), Iceland (1 team) and Germany (1 team).

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Team Rynkeby’s primary purpose is to raise money for children with critical illnesses. Rynkeby Foods A/S, God Morgon and hohes C cover all the project's primary costs, which means that the money Team Rynkeby raises in each country is donated directly to the local organisations that Team Rynkeby works with in the respective countries.

In 2018, Team Rynkeby raised just over EUR 9.4 million for children with critical illnesses in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

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Mikkel Tholstrup Dahlqvist
Communications Manager
Phone: +45 20 15 70 76

Carl Erik Dalbøge
Telefon: +45 20 26 55 88

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Snapshots from Team Rynkeby's trip to Paris 2019 - new snapshots every day.

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Critically ill children

Team Rynkeby raises money for children critically diseases in seven countries.

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