“Dirty deal” creates problems for Team Rynkeby

TR Press UK - 01-04-2018

“Dirty deal” creates problems for Team Rynkeby

A newly adopted European Union regulation is creating problems for charity cycling team Team Rynkeby, which must now source mobile portable toilets for its 48 teams before this summer’s Tour de Paris.

“A really dirty deal.”

That was the reaction from Team Rynkeby Foundation director Carl Erik Dalbøge after Thursday evening’s announcement that the European Parliament and Council of Europe had adopted a new sports and recreation regulation that included a provision on a “sufficient number of toilets” for large events – such as cycling events.

The regulation, which in social media cycling circles is already being called the “portable toilet provision”, doesn’t just require the event manager to make toilets available for spectators and volunteers, but also requires portable toilets for the active participants so that they do not have to “answer the call of nature in nature”, as the legislation states.

And it’s this provision of the EU regulation that’s causing a furrowed brow with the Team Rynkeby boss.

“I’m not under the impression that our cyclists have any problems doing what they need to do in some discreet spot out in nature. So this requirement is quite inconvenient for the organisation. We could definitely spend our time doing something better than running around trying to locate portable toilets for our team,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Seeking a practical solution
Team Rynkeby Foundation is now trying to find a practical solution that will make it possible for the charity cycling team to meet the EU regulation.

“Right now we’re looking into what the EU regulation means by ’a sufficient number of toilets’.”

“In addition, we need to find out how we can ensure that the toilets are available to our participants on the trip to Paris. Our best bet is to get portable toilets to follow each of the teams, but that means that we’re now looking for at least 48 toilet trailers,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Two toilets on one trailer
For Team Rynkeby Vestjylland, the help of a local sponsor has already helped implement a solution that will save the 63-person team from having to answer the call of nature in nature itself.

The team has put two portable toilets on a trailer that will be pulled behind one of the team’s service vehicles.

“It may look sort of funny when we’re cycling by, but we must comply with legislation, and if the EU wants us to do this, well, this is what we’ll do,” says Martin Fyhn, team captain for Team Rynkeby Vestjylland.

It is not yet known what breaking the law means in terms of punishment if the event organisers don’t meet the new sports and recreation provision, but it is thought that doing so may result in a fine equivalent to those issued for violations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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