TR Press UK - 15-03-2018

211,000 students run to benefit sick children

A record number of students and schools will be involved when the Team Rynkeby School Run to benefit children with critical illnesses takes place on the Friday before the Easter holidays.

No fewer than 211,000 students are ready to run to benefit children with critical illnesses when the Team Rynkeby School Run is held at 740 schools in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland on the Friday before the Easter holidays.

The number of participants is nearly 30 percent higher than last year, and the progress is welcomed by the director of Team Rynkeby Foundation, Carl Erik Dalbøge.

“It is with immense enthusiasm that I see how the schools and students are going into this project with such great excitement. I find that the schools have a very great awareness that they want to activate students in projects where they can see that, with an active effort, they can help make a real difference to children who are struggling,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Many small streams make a river
The Team Rynkeby School Run is a traditional fun run, where the students spend an hour or two trying to run as far as possible. And the number of kilometres the students run can influence how much money is eventually raised for children with critical illnesses.

Before the race, students have the opportunity to enter into micro-sponsorships with parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours, who can choose to make a modest contribution per kilometre or lap that each student runs in the course of the race.

“We raise money according to the principle that many small streams make a big river. We place a great deal of emphasis on explaining to students that this is not a competition for who can run the most laps or raise the most money. But since there are so many of us involved, everyone only has to make a small effort in order for it to make a big difference overall,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Healthy communities
In Denmark, all funds are donated to the Children’s Lung Foundation, which, among other things, finances research into serious lung diseases. In Sweden, Norway and Finland, the funds are donated for children with cancer.

“The schools have a clear agenda that it is important to create good and healthy communities where students can unite across classes, schools and countries to support a good cause. I think that is this one of the reasons why so many schools are returning to participate in the Team Rynkeby School Run year after year,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

The Team Rynkeby School Run will be held at all schools on 23 March 2018 – the Friday before the Easter holidays.

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