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An eye disease has destroyed Martin's sight, but not his positive outlook

The Team Rynkeby logo has gradually been put on a variety of merchandise – and Martin Egonson from Team Rynkeby Kristianstad is taking the category to a whole new level.

Stage 2, Stemmen: Martin Egonson bends over the table where Team Rynkeby Kristianstad's service team has just set out some sandwiches. He tries to get an overview of what's on the menu, but quickly realises that the sandwiches look a little too much alike to tell what's what.

A female team-mate comes to his rescue and after a quick exchange, Martin is handed a ham sandwich.

Martin Egonson suffers from a hereditary eye disease that is causing him to gradually lose his sight. Today, he has only three percent of his vision left, and so he can only see contours and contrasts. But that does not prevent him from cycling with Team Rynkeby Kristianstad.

Together with his sister, Mim Hermansson, he is travelling to Paris on a tandem bike.

"For good reasons, I can't ride the bike alone so it's great to be part of this beautiful project in this way," says Martin Egonson, taking a bite of his ham sandwich while a break in the rain makes the weather in Northern Germany quite agreeable.

"It's really fun to be allowed to share such an experience here with your sister. It takes a lot of teamwork to ride a tandem bike - it's a bit like dancing. You must know each other very well and know how to react in different situations. And my sister and I do," he continues.

”The green eye”
And back to the introduction where we mentioned the Team Rynkeby merchandise.

For the Team Rynkeby Tour de Paris, Martin Egonson has enlisted his glass eye to help the good cause. What at a distance looks like a regular green eye reveals itself at closer inspection to be Team Rynkeby's characteristic green logo, which is inset as a pupil.

"I think it's a good idea to look a bit festive on this journey – and I also have another eye that I use when I'm not cycling," he laughs.

Team Rynkeby Kristianstad is currently cycling in the 2nd stage of this year's Tour de Paris. You can follow the entire stage LIVE on www.team-rynkeby.com/LIVE.

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