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Cooperation with supermarket chain raises millions for Team Rynkeby

In Sweden a simple but very beneficial cooperation between Team Rynkeby-God Morgon and the supermarket chain ICA means everything to raise money for children with critical illness.

Buy a paper bag, and you will donate three Swedish kronor for the Team Rynkeby Foundation. Or buy, for example, a box of cookies or a kilo of bananas, and you will donate one krona for children with critical illness.

It sounds simple and indeed it is, but the difference is huge when the big equation has to be made up.

“It is a win-win situation for everybody!”

These are the words from Paul Chronqvist-Svensson, Country Manager for Team Rynkeby in Sweden, describing the cooperation with the supermarket chain ICA, in which the local merchants in the chain each are allowed to be creative in the service of the good cause.

“The ICA supermarkets here in Sweden are run by local franchisees. This means that each supermarket individually decides for whether to join, and if so, how they can collect as many kronor as possible for the good cause. This gives the supermarkets a lot of ownership of their local efforts, and both the supermarkets and customers are helping to collect millions of kronor for children with cancer," continues Paul Chronqvist-Svensson.

This year in Sweden they plan to collect 40 million Swedish kronor, of which almost 20 percent comes from cooperation with the large Swedish supermarket chain.

Local anchoring makes the difference
Specifically, the project works by each participating ICA store first choosing whether to become a sponsor of Team Rynkeby-God Morgon. After this it is the local supermarkets that come up with the ideas on how they will collect even more money.

In some places, you choose to donate an amount based on every kilo of bananas or toilet paper sold. Elsewhere, a yellow "Team Rynkeby" deposit button has been introduced at the bottle machine. At ICA Kvantum Mobilia in Lund, which is run by Emilia La Nilsson, they regularly do a number of activities at the supermarket. In the run-up to Christmas, for instance, the store donates an amount for each box of gingerbread that is sold. "Both customers and employees are in on the fun ideas. With us it has become a competition collecting more than the other ICA supermarkets," says Emilia La Nilsson

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Committed colleagues at ICA
Bernt Welander, who runs the ICA Maxi Barkarbystaden in Järfälla, has been in the cooperation since 2017. He notes that the project also gives a strong team spirit in his shop.

"I feel that the cooperation gives us a huge amount of energy, and at the same time it feels good in the stomach to be involved and make a difference. The structure and cooperation allows us to engage colleagues and employees, customers and even partners in a simple and clear way," says Bernt Welander.

Today, 62 ICA stores are part of the collaboration. There are still over 1200 ICA supermarkets in Sweden to be involved in the project and thus just as many new potential ideas on how to collect even more.

"If you ask me personally, I would say that more ICA stores can join the project and help children with cancer. The potential is great, because it is the many small ideas that make the big difference to the bottom line," says Bernt Welander.

Potential in other countries
For each year, the ICA project has grown in Sweden, and at ICA Klingan participation has had a major impact on the perception of the supermarket in the local area.

"In our local shopping center, a new supermarket opened next to the ICA. Subsequently, we experienced that more citizens would not shop in the new supermarket, because they wanted to support the cooperation between the ICA and Team Rynkeby-God Morgon. This clearly indicates the branding value, that the project has created in the population," says Jan-Inge Jannis Dahlman, owner of the ICA store in the west of Sweden.

According to Jan Aronsen, sponsor coordinator for Team Rynkeby-God Morgon, the strength of the project is that everybody benefits of the collaboration.

"ICA gets a good CSR reputation from the contribution. They are a good example for business, and at the same time ICA can be proud of what the chain and customers are doing. Together, it gives more children the chance to survive critical illness."

According to this, the CEO in Sweden also believes that other countries can adopt the project and benefit from it.

"Together we can do more. ICA dealers are real entrepreneurs, who are incredibly creative at inventing fundraising efforts. Everyone is passionate about making a difference and getting involved in their initiatives," says Paul Chronqvist-Svensson.


- The "ICA project" went to air in 2015 in Sweden.
- Team Rynkeby in Sweden expects to raise around 40 million kronor this year. Of these, about 20 percent come from cooperation with the supermarket chain.
- So far, 62 ICA stores are participating in the collaboration to donate money to Team Rynkeby-God Morgon.

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