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Discover how Team Rynkeby will conclude its annual Tour de Paris

Find out here how Team Rynkeby will conclude its annual Tour de Paris on 16 July 2016. This page will be updated in case of changes.

Team Rynkeby expects that up to 5,000 friends and family members will be in Paris to welcome Team Rynkeby when the charity cycling team concludes its fifteenth Tour de Paris in the French capital on 16 July 2016.

The grand farewell event including friends and family will be held at 'Prairie du Cercle Sud' in the north-eastern corner of Paris. The 1,500 member-strong Team Rynkeby field is expected to arrive at approximately 15:45/3.45 PM.

The closest Paris Metro station is 'Métro Porte de Pantin' (Line 5) and the venue opens to friends and family at 14:30/2.30 PM.

Parade ride through Paris
The Team Rynkeby field, which this year consists of 38 local teams from five countries, will assemble at ’Place de la Fontaine aux Lions’ prior to arrival at ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’.

From here, the teams will ride the last 15 kilometres in a parade ride with full police escort through the streets of Paris until they reach ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’, where their friends and family await them (see the route through Paris at the bottom of this page).

The parade ride is scheduled to begin no later than 14:15/2.15 PM.

The event at ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’ ends at 17:30/5.30 PM, at which time all teams must vacate the venue.

Prairie du Cercle Sud:

The square is located in the north-eastern corner of Paris and will be open to friends and family starting at 14:30/2.30 PM. The 1,500 riders are expected to arrive at 15:45/3.45 PM, and the event will conclude no later than 17:30/5.30 PM.

The teams will arrive at ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’ in the following order: 

1) Ringe
2) Silkeborg
3) Trekanten
4) Bornholm
5) Nordjylland
6) Vestjylland
7) Vestsjælland
8) Odense
9) Sønderjylland
10) Midt-vest
11) Næstved
12) Østjylland
13) København
14) Vordingborg
15) Nordsjælland
16) Riget
17) Holbæk
18) Øresund
19) The Faroe Islands
20) Helsinki
21) Espoo
22) Tampere
23) Jyväskylä
24) Østfold
25) Nord-Norge
26) Oslo
27) Rogaland
28) Göteborg
29) Halland
30) Helsingborg
31) Jönköping
32) Kalmar
33) Kristianstad
34) Lund
35) Malmö
36) Stockholm
37) Täby
38) Värmland

Where the teams will assemble after arriving at ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’:

The numbers on the map are holding numbers from the list above (click on the map to see it in full resolution).


The route for the parade ride through Paris


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