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First year with Team Rynkeby Europe

Team Rynkeby launched Team Rynkeby Europe this year, a completely new, international team with participants from seven countries. The goal is to lay the foundation for new teams in more countries – and, of course, to contribute to collecting funds for children with critical illnesses.

In this past season, a new, international Team Rynkeby-team with the name Team Rynkeby Europe has seen the light of day. Despite the fact that the crisis of covid-19 made it more difficult to train together and collect funds, the team closed the season by donating an impressive 300.000 DKK to the noble cause of helping children with critical illnesses.

The purpose of the new team, however, is not simply to collect funds. The purpose of Team Rynkeby Europe is also to expand the Team Rynkeby-project to all European countries, where the Eckes-Granini family, owners of Rynkeby Foods, and several other manufacturers of juice, have activities.

The international team consists primarily of participants from Eckes-Granini. The steering committee, however, consists of experienced Danish participants from Team Rynkeby teams from Denmark.
Solvejg Lauridsen is team captain on the international team, which has participants from seven countries – among others, France, Spain, Lithuania and Hungary. Her job is help the participants to develop a new Team Rynkeby-team in their respective countries.

”This is super interesting with regard to the Team Rynkeby-project, because the participants knew nothing of Team Rynkeby, when we met the first time. They didn’t know about the yellow brand, nor about collecting funds for children with critical illnesses, and for many of them it was mind-blowing to think about going all the way to Paris. But we were lucky, that they decided to join with great energy and then we launched”, says Solvejg Lauridsen, Team Manager at Team Rynkeby Europe.

The yellow dna on the road
September last year was when the 27 riders met for the first time. While covid-19 put obstacles and hindrances to many of the scheduled training camps, the participants nevertheless managed to hit the road in Mallorca in March.

In three days they rode 280 kilometers.

“The social takeaway in Mallorca-stay was unique. The participants from the different countries entered the community in the best Team Rynkeby-spirit”, says Solvejg Lauridsen.

But according to Solvejg Lauridsen, this was also a trip that was marked by seven different cultures of bicycling, that for the first time met on the road.

We are here with different cultures of bicycling and experiences, and we therefore had to get to know each other on the bikes – and learn about the very high level of safety, which is paramount when Team Rynkeby is on the road. For instance, the word “stop” was perceived differently: for some it meant breaking pace slowly, while for others it meant a complete, immediate break.”

The Road to Paris 2021
The main goal – the trip to Paris – was, as known, cancelled due to the pandemic. But the experience on the way proved very valuable, and the team this season is almost identical with last year. We are crossing our fingers that the trip to Paris can be completed.

“By the end of the year, I hope that everybody had the feeling that everyone on a Team Rynkeby-team is part of a project and a community, where we selflessly try to make a difference for others, as well as doing something good for ourselves, that is, in other words, by training and improving ourselves to ride to Paris and collecting funds for children with critical illnesses”, says Solvejg Lauridsen and continues:

“and should the trip to Paris be cancelled once again, we’ll work out a plan B that will give us another great adventure. The most important thing is to make the Team Rynkeby-spirit come alive on the road. The yellow heart ought to be pumping in all of Europe.”

Linas from Lithuania with great enthusiasm on Mallorca on one of trips in the hills. (Private Photo: Solvejg Lauridsen)

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