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French family who have themselves lost a child invites Team Rynkeby riders for a meal stop

Team Rynkeby Øresund enjoyed a touching meal stop when a French family who have lost a son to cancer invited the riders inside.

Stage 6, Le Thour: The meal stop on today’s 163 km-long sixth stage from Vresse-sur-Semois to Soissons turned into a touching experience for the participants of Team Rynkeby Øresund.

On the outskirts of the small town of Le Thour, they were received by Eric and Landragin Breville – a married couple whom the team met on last year’s ride to Paris and which they have kept in touch with ever since.

In the front yard of the family’s home, the service team had set up the meal stop.

“We arrived in Le Thour on Bastille Day last year and, because of the festivities in the city, we could not set up the meal stop in the place we had actually chosen. So our service team drove around a bit before coming to the last house in the city and asked if they could use the lawn in front of the house,” says Jesper Bjerg, team captain of Team Rynkeby Øresund.

“They couldn’t give permission as the lawn belonged to the neighbour, but we were very welcome to use their backyard. And when they heard what we were doing, they were very moved,” he continues.

It turned out that Eric’s son, 14-year-old Brice, had just a month earlier been diagnosed with an aggressive tumour.

“The following evening, when we sat in Paris and celebrated the end of the trip, a text came in from the Breville family who wrote that their son had gone into a coma. Things happened fast, and shortly after he died,” Jesper Bjerg said.

The essence of the project
Since last year’s meeting, Team Rynkeby Øresund has kept in touch with the family, who insisted that the team should set up their meal stop in the family’ backyard.

“It means a lot to us that someone is cycling for children with serious illnesses. It touches us deeply,” says Landragin Breville via one of the team’s French speakers.

Before Team Rynkeby Øresund got back in the saddle heading towards Soissons, Jesper Bjerg on behalf of the team thanked the family for its hospitality and assured the family that the team will continue to fight.

“That is the essence of this project,” he says.

You can follow Team Rynkeby’s Tour De Paris via the LIVE map on Team Rynkeby’s website. In addition, we will try to LIVE-stream as much of tomorrow’s arrival in Paris as possible. Follow along on the Team Rynkeby Facebook page.





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