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Here are the prices for participating with Team Rynkeby 2021

The participant fee will experience a minor price increase in the upcoming season. In return the participants from the 2020-team will economise regarding equipment they don’t need to buy again.

The Team Rynkeby Foundation is yet intensely planning the 20-years anniversary season, in which 2,200 cyclists from 58 teams in eight countries are expected to arrive in Paris the day before the arrival of the Tour de France to the French capitol.

Applying-deadline for participating the team is the 23. of August 2020 and for this the Team Rynkeby Foundation has set the prices for the upcoming season.

Compared to last year (2020) you will experience a minor price increase, in return participants from 2020, who experienced a cancellation of the tour due to the corona crisis, will have slightly minor costs as they can use this year’s equipment such as gloves and helmets.

This is notified by Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation:

- There is a three-percentage price increase compared with last year, which first and foremost is a result of common price developments. In return we have decided, that 2020-participants are able to reuse their gloves and helmets, as these in most cases will be as good as new due to this year’s cancellation of the tour to Paris, he says and adds:

- We have to change the clothes though, because this is our best opportunity to raise money for our co-operating organisations. On our new 20-year’s anniversary design we have made room for further more companylogoes, and we have a distinct ambition that the space on the clothing should be exposed as much as possible which enables us once again next year to present a large check to children with critical disease, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Bikes, clothing and hotels
Participant-price for cyclists on Team Rynkeby 2021 is 2,613 EUR.

This price includes a Team Rynkeby racing bike, a clothing package including a helmet, two jerseys, two pair of bike shorts, a wind-vest, detachable sleeves, bike-gloves and 7 nights in shared double room on fine standard hotels all the way to Paris.

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If you wish to reuse helmet and gloves from 2020 you will get some 50 EUR price reduction.

If you have a Team Rynkeby racing bike from earlier years, the participant price will be 1,156.08 EUR including helmet and gloves.

Members of the service crew should pay 525 EUR for participating on the 2021 tour to Paris.

Three phase payment

The participant payment comes in three phases. First phase is the amount of 1,457 EUR includes the bike and is due to payment 1. October 2020.
Second phase is the amount of 390.60 EUR and includes the clothing together with some of the hotel expenses for the service team. Further more is 50 EUR due to payment if you don’t have helmet and gloves already. Second phase is due to payment 15. January 2021.

Third phase is 763 EUR, and is due to payment 15. May 2021. This includes the seven hotel nights, as well as the service personnel has a participant payment due on the 15. of May on the size of 525 EUR.

If you feel inspired and motivated to join the 2021 Rynkeby Team, you are requested to write a motivated application on the Team Rynkeby website at the latest the 23. Of August 2020.

Price cyclist 2021


Product Price Date of payment
Racing bike 1,457 EUR 1 October 2020
Clothing and charge of service 338.52 EUR 15 January 2021
- Helmet 32.24 EUR  
- Gloves 19.84 EUR  
Hotels 765 EUR 15 May 2021
Altogether 2.613 EUR  


Price service personnel 2021


Product Price Date of payment
Hotels 525 EUR 15 May 2021


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