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Here's how Team Rynkeby will begin the ride to Paris

Charity cycling team Team Rynkeby sets course for Paris in the days around 8 July 2017. Get the full overview of all the local departure events here.

It's all about keeping your bearings when you explain where and when Team Rynkeby starts its sixteenth ride to Paris to benefit children with critical illnesses.

The Nordic region's largest charity cycling team has gathered together the highest number of participants and teams ever – no fewer than 1,700 yellow-clad cyclists and 450 service volunteers divided into 44 teams from six countries – for this year's ride to Paris with Team Rynkeby.

This means that the departure of the charity cycling team will be the most comprehensive ever.

A total of 34 events in 30 cities on seven different days will take place before Team Rynkeby Odense is the last of the 44 Team Rynkeby teams to take to the pedals at Flakhaven in Odense and head for Paris on Sunday, 9 July 2017 at 8:30 AM.

Fantastic development
The 44 teams will take different routes to Paris, but will unite in the French capital on Saturday, 15 July in the afternoon for a huge celebratory event. Here the Team Rynkeby Foundation expects that up to 5,000 family and friends will greet the charity cycling team and round off the year's fund-raising work in style.

"The ride to Paris is what the participants have been anticipating for 10 months. "It's now that all the training and preparation will be transformed into what will hopefully be the greatest exercise experience in the participants' lives. "The participants will work very hard, but when they reach the Paris finish line there won't be a dry eye anywhere," says Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

"It's amazing to think that what started with 11 amateur cyclists 15 years ago now involves thousands of volunteers throughout the Nordic region. "The project is undergoing incredible development," he continues.

Cycling all the way from Oulu
Team Rynkeby Bornholm, as the first Team Rynkeby team, gets a head start on the Tour de Paris action with a prologue event at Store Torv in Rønne to be held Friday, 30 June 2017 between 3 PM and 5 PM.

On Monday, 3 July, this year's ride to Paris will kick off when 10-15 riders from Team Rynkeby Oulu take leave of friends and family and get into the saddle to ride a total of 1,850 km from Oulu in central Finland to Paris.

Team Rynkeby has seven more departure events scheduled before Saturday, 8 July 2017 in which most of Team Rynkeby's 44 teams begin the ride to Paris. By Sunday, 9 July, all Team Rynkeby teams will have departed for Paris.


Prologue: Friday 30 June
15:00-17:00: Rønne (Denmark), Store Torv (Team Rynkeby Bornholm)

Prologue: Monday 3 July
10:00-12:00: Oulu (Finland), Rotuaari (Team Rynkeby Oulu)

Prologue: Wednesday 5 July
10:00-12:00: Jyväskylä (Finland) (Team Rynkeby Jyväskylä)

Prologue: Thursday 6 July
09:00-10:00: Tampere (Finland), Laukontori Market Place (Team Rynkeby Tampere)

11:15-18:00: Klaksvik-Tórshavn (90 km prologue - Faroe Islands), Reinsaríið (Team Rynkeby Færøerne)

12:00-15:00: Jönköping (Sweden), Länssjukhuset Ryhovs aula, Sjukhusgatan 553 03 Jönköping (TR Jönköping)

Prologue: Friday 7 July
07:00-07:30: Aalborg (Denmark), C.W. Obels Plads (Team Rynkeby Nordjylland)

07:30-08:00: Aalborg (Denmark), Gammel Torv (Team Rynkeby Nordjylland)

10:00-11:00: Halden (Norway), Jensen & Scheele, Vestgårdveien 1, 1789 Berg (Team Rynkeby Østfold)

12:00-13:30: Helsinki (Finland), Kansalaistori square Helsinki (Team Rynkeby Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu)

16:00-17:00: Aarhus (Denmark), Store Torv (Team Rynkeby Østjylland)

Prologue: Saturday 8 July
06:30-08:00: Holbæk (Denmark), Slotscentret, Slotsvolden 7 (Team Rynkeby Holbæk)

07:30-09:30: Esbjerg (Denmark), Esbjerg Torv (Team Rynkeby Vestjylland)

08:00-09:00: Rønne (Denmark), BHS, Vesthavnsvej 4 (Team Rynkeby Bornholm)

08:00-09:15: Næstved (Denmark), Betalingsparkeringsplads, Kvægtorvet (Team Rynkeby Næstved)

08:30-09:15: Ringe (Denmark), Torvet (Team Rynkeby Ringe)

08:30-09:30: København (Denmark), Rådhuspladsen (Team Rynkeby København, Nordsjælland, Øresund, Østsjælland and Island)

08:30-09:30: Herning (Denmark), Bilka, Golfvej 5 (Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest)

09:00-09:45: København (Denmark), Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej 9, "Hovedindgangen" (Team Rynkeby Rigshospitalet)

09:00-10:45: Malmö (Sweden), Emporia, Hyllie Boulevard 19 (Team Rynkeby Malmö)

09:00-11:10: Slagelse (Denmark), Schweizerpladsen (Team Rynkeby Vestsjælland)

09:00-12:00: Oslo (Norway), Rikshospitalet, Sognsvannsveien 20 (Team Rynkeby Oslo, Nord-Norge, Bergen, Østfold and Rogaland)

11:00-12:00: Silkeborg (Denmark), Torvet (Team Rynkeby Silkeborg)

11:00-12:00: Halmstad (Sweden), Stora Torg. Rådhuset (Team Rynkeby Halland)

11:00-14:00: Göteborg (Sweden), Erlandssons bygg (3*Goldsponsor), Bäckstensgatan 13, Mölndal (Team Rynkeby Göteborg and Team Rynkeby Värmland)

13:00-14:00: Kolding (Denmark), Kolding Storcenter (Team Rynkeby Trekanten)

13:00-14:00: Helsingborg (Sweden) Sundstorget (Team Rynkeby Helsingborg)

13:00-15:00: Lund (Sweden), Barn- och ungdomsmedicinavdelning 64 Lund, Lasarettsgatan 48, Lund (Team Rynkeby Lund)

13:00-15:00: Kristianstad (Sweden), Galleria Boulevard. Östra Boulevarden 3, 291 31 Kristianstad (Team Rynkeby Kristianstad)

14:00-15:00: Göteborg (Sweden), Hoppets Hus, Barncancerfonden Västra, Hagevägen 2, Sävedalen (Team Rynkeby Göteborg, Team Rynkeby Värmland and Team Rynkeby Sjuhärad)

15:00-16:00: Göteborg (Sweden), Sahlgrensa Universitetssjukhuset, Östra Sjukhuset, Drottning Silvias Barnsjukhus (Team Rynkeby Göteborg, Team Rynkeby Värmland and Team Rynkeby Sjuhärad)

16:00-17:00: Padborg (Denmark), H.P Therkelsen, Eksportvej 1 (Team Rynkeby Sønderjylland)

16:00-18:00: Göteborg (Sweden), Sjömagasinet, Adolfs Edelsvärdsgata 5, Göteborg (Team Rynkeby Göteborg, Värmland and Sjuhärad)

Stage 1: Sunday 9 July
07:00-07:05: Rostock (Germany), Rostock Port (Team Rynkeby Växjö)

07:30-08:30: Odense (Denmark), Flakhaven (Team Rynkeby Odense)


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