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Huge interest in major sponsorships for the charity cycling team

So far, 20 companies have signed platinum sponsorships with Team Rynkeby. This means that Team Rynkeby has already surpassed the number of platinum sponsorships for all of last season.

Team Rynkeby is doing great in its efforts to raise money for children with critical illnesses.

Not least when you look at the number of companies that have already entered into the major sponsorships – the so-called ‘platinum sponsorships’ in which companies commit to supporting Team Rynkeby’s fundraising efforts with at least € 12,500.

Just three months into the season, no less than 20 companies from across the Nordic region have signed a platinum sponsorship with Team Rynkeby, which among other features puts the company’s logo on the cycling clothes of six of Team Rynkeby’s local teams.

“It is very, very gratifying for the project that so many companies are going so wholeheartedly into the work to benefit critically ill children. The companies are putting considerable sums into the work of Team Rynkeby, and of course they do so only if they find that they get value for money – first of all, the knowledge that the money is making a difference for the children for whom it is intended, but also by connecting the business with the positive values that Team Rynkeby represents,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

“And it also doesn’t hurt that their sponsorship makes these companies highly visible to a rather attractive target group,” he continues.

Involving employees
One of the 20 companies to date that has signed a platinum sponsorship with Team Rynkeby is the Alektum Group debt collection company.

Alektum Group operates in 16 European markets and it has therefore been entirely natural for the company to utilise the Team Rynkeby project to bring together its six branches in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark to help children with critical illness, explains Hans Althin, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

“We want to give our employees the opportunity to engage in the fight against childhood cancer. And with a platinum sponsorship, where we support six local teams, we can better involve our employees by bringing them together with the local Team Rynkeby team,” he says.

“With that model, we hope among other things that employees will get so close to the Team Rynkeby project that they may even be motivated to start doing more exercise and living more healthily. And I wouldn’t mind at all if there turned out to be a little competition between our branches,” Hans Althin.

Long-term perspective
Not only has the Alektum Group entered into a platinum sponsorship with Team Rynkeby for this season, but the company has also committed to providing support with a similar sponsorship for next season. And this is an absolutely deliberate sponsorship strategy, explains Hans Althin.

“We are a family business, and for that reason we always maintain a long-term perspective – this also applies to our sponsorship work. We believe in partnerships that develop jointly over time. The Team Rynkeby project is new to us and we are new to Team Rynkeby, so we must spend some time getting to know each other. That’s why we’ve committed to supporting the project for the next two years,” he continues.

Activating the sponsorship
But the sponsorship is not just about charity. As Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Hans Althin also anticipates that the company’s sponsorship of Team Rynkeby will have a positive effect on the Alektum Group brand.

“Alektum Group remains a relatively unknown brand, and therefore we hope that with this sponsorship we can increase local visibility for our branches – including by having Team Rynkeby participants become aware of who we are,” he says.

“Right now we’re working on forming a project group with representatives from the six branches involved in the Team Rynkeby project, so that the group can identify how we can make the best possible use of our sponsorship. The local anchoring in this project is very important to us,” continues Althin.

If you want to sign a sponsorship with Team Rynkeby, you can read more about your options here. If your company wants its logo featured on Team Rynkeby’s clothing, then the sponsorship must be signed by 19 January 2018.

The following companies are platinum sponsors for Team Rynkeby:

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