TR Press UK - 10-07-2016

Miracle boy sees off Team Rynkeby in Odense

Armed with his very own orange Star Wars Stormtrooper weapon, 6-year-old Anton fired a farewell shot to honour the Team Rynkeby Odense riders on their way to Paris yesterday.

Stage 1, Odense: The odds were stacked against Anton when he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. The type of cancer he had affects just 6 children each year, and according to the statistics, only 3 of them survive.

"The doctors prepared us for the fact that the chances of survival were not good, and that we should plan how to spend our last time with Anton. "We spent three years in hell," says Jeanette Gervig Helbo-Themsen, Anton's mother.

But Anton survived his bout with cancer – though not without side effects.

"It's not beetroot juice they're giving kids to help them survive. "In Anton's case, the chemo was so hard on him that his kidneys suffered damage, so last year we already knew that he required a kidney transplant when the right donor could be found," says Jeanette Gervig Helbo-Themsen.

Dad's kidney saves Anton's life
The right donor turned out to be within arm's reach – Anton's father, Christian, was the perfect match.

"In fact, his kidney was such a great match that the doctors said they could have been clones. "The transplant took place on 10 May this year, and just a couple of weeks later Anton was full of life again," says Jeanette Gervig Helbo-Themsen.

"Imagine saving your own child's life. "Christian will be eternally grateful for that. "I always say that I gave him life, his German bone marrow donor gave him another chance, and Christian gave him the possibility to live his life to the fullest," his mother explains.

Today, Anton is doing well and his family is beginning to look to the future.

"Since the transplant, Anton has grown 3 centimetres and has gone up 2 shoe sizes, and after the summer holidays he will begin kindergarten. He's really looking forward to that. "And we hope that the doctors will soon give us permission to take Anton abroad on holiday so he can enjoy some swimming and diving. "That's our dream right now," says Jeanette Gervig Helbo-Themsen.

At 7:30, Anton fired his Stormtrooper weapon and sent off Team Rynkeby Odense to Paris to benefit children with cancer.

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