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Network for former Team Rynkeby riders in great growth

With offers for a more non-committal cycling community, exciting journeys and not least a virtual training platform, Team Rynkeby Cycling Club has now seriously succeeded in pulling former Team Rynkeby riders back into the project.

One time ‘Rynke’ – always ‘Rynke’”

This is the mantra for many of Team Rynkeby's current and former participants.

For a long time, however, Team Rynkeby has lacked a formal network where former participants have been able to meet and cultivate the community when they are no longer part of the trip to Paris.

That changed in the spring when the Team Rynkeby Foundation relaunched the Team Rynkeby Cycling Club (TRCC), as the charity cycling team calls its social cycling community for former Team Rynkeby participants.

With an offer of a more non-committal cycling community, exciting journeys and not least a virtual training platform, TRCC now soon has as many members as the main project, as Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, says:

- We are now just over 1,850 members, which is quite impressive - but we are also aware that it is obligatory. Many participants experience a great vacuum when they leave Team Rynkeby, and we are now working to fill that vacuum with a meaningful community in the TRCC, he says.

Online cycling is a hit
One of the activities that TRCC is currently having great success with is virtual cycling training on the digital platform Zwift.

- TRCC | Zwift Riders is a very good example of how we want to run TRCC. There are a number of unique offers, which are run by the Team Rynkeby Foundation, and then there is the opportunity for the participants themselves to initiate initiatives. TRCC | Zwift Riders was started as a local initiative in Sweden during the first corona shutdown in the spring, but since then the initiative has spread to the entire Team Rynkeby project and now counts 750 participants throughout Europe, says Carl Erik Dalbøge

New exciting journeys
While virtual cycling training is in explosive growth, the covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for the TRCC to complete the planned cycling trips around Europe.

However, that will soon change, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

- With the first covid-19 vaccinations on the horizon, impatience manifests itself in all of us in relation to detailed planning of new journeys and activities - both locally, nationally and internationally. Among other things, work is being done on planning and marketing a number of interesting joint events -

including several offers for bicycle trips to Mallorca and the Faroe Islands, among others, of varying challenges and duration, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you are a former participant in Team Rynkeby and are interested in being part of TRCC, you can sign up for free at http://team-rynkeby.dk/tilmeldTRCCteam-rynkeby.dk/tilmeldTRCC

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