New Board Chair has deep respect for Team Rynkeby participants’ work

TR Press UK - 05-12-2017

New Board Chair has deep respect for Team Rynkeby participants’ work

Team Rynkeby Foundation’s new Board Chair, Peter Frank Andersen, is deeply impressed with what Team Rynkeby participants have built over the years – and he’s looking forward to becoming a part of the team.

“Do you cycle?” It sounded like the most natural question in the world when Rynkeby Foods’ new CEO, Peter Frank Andersen, was at a job interview at Eckes-Granini, Rynkeby’s German owner.

The 48-year-old Vejle native isn’t a cyclist at present, but he soon will be.

As the new Rynkeby Foods CEO, he also automatically takes on the post as Chair of the Team Rynkeby Foundation – and naturally, that also means putting on the yellow jersey and cycling with the team to Paris.

“I can really feel that I have entered an organisation where cycling plays a huge role. Not just at the factory in Ringe, but all the way to Eckes-Granini’s headquarters in Frankfurt, where the Team Rynkeby participants’ great work on behalf of children with critical illnesses is a major priority. A tremendous amount of pride and humility comes with being part of a project that does so much good,” says Peter Frank Andersen, who has a place as a cyclist with Team Rynkeby Ringe, which consists of 90 cyclists and 25 service volunteers – mainly Rynkeby Foods employees.

The children are the motivation
And the new Rynkeby CEO is looking forward to getting involved in the project.

“I am greatly looking forward to getting on the bike, getting into a bit better shape and also getting to know my new colleagues and teammates. I’ve spoken with many current and former Team Rynkeby participants and I can clearly sense that this project creates a completely unique cohesion between the participants. I really look forward to being a part of it,” he says.

And I’m looking forward to doing my part so that Team Rynkeby can raise a lot of money for children and families who need the help and the hope that Team Rynkeby can give them. It’s a huge personal motivation for me,” continues Peter Frank Andersen, who himself is the father of three children aged 12 to 18.

Will cherish Team Rynkeby
Peter Frank Andersen is taking over the roles of CEO of Rynkeby Foods and Board Chair of the Team Rynkeby Foundation from Jørgen Dirksen, who stepped down on 30 November after 17 years at the helm of Rynkeby Foods and 15 years heading the Team Rynkeby project.

“I have a very deep respect for the work done by Team Rynkeby over the years, and I totally agree with Jørgen Dirksen when he says that we must never compromise on the project’s basic values. Team Rynkeby is something that is very unique, and we must cherish that in the continued development of the project,” says Peter Frank Andersen.

Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris for the 17th time from 30 June to 7 July 2018.

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