Online fundraising was a huge success for Team Rynkeby

TR Press UK - 03-10-2017

Online fundraising was a huge success for Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby more than doubled the amount that the charity cycling team collected via social media the previous season. The newly developed platform has a great share in the success.

Nearly a fifth of all funds raised by Norway’s Team Rynkeby participants for the Children’s Cancer organisation (Barnekreftforeningen) during the past season was donated via Team Rynkeby’s own online fundraising platform, MyCollection.

And the Norwegian Team Rynkeby participants were not the only ones to enjoy success fundraising online.

Also in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, a great deal of money was raised via the online fundraising platform. Through MyCollection, Team Rynkeby raised almost EUR 650,000, which is more than double the amount that Team Rynkeby succeeded in raising online the year before.

Team Rynkeby Foundation CEO Carl Erik Dalbøge explains:

“Most participants have many relationships on social media, so of course there is great potential in activating the participants' network online. In the past we have used various external solutions to raise funds via social media, but prior to the just-completed season we decided to develop our own platform where participants can create their own fundraising site through our intranet, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who continues:

“That means that all donations through the platform are registered immediately in our system, so the sponsor manager for each team can easily follow developments and see how participants are faring. Consequently there will be much more focus on the potential of fundraising via social media, and that may eventually resonate with the organizations we work with,” he says.

According to Carl Erik Dalbøge, the average amount raised via MyCollection is around EUR 550, but some participants reached substantially higher amounts.

“Some participants are really good at activating their networks. Some run small, fun contests, and others are just really good at conveying to their network why they should support the cause. The great thing about MyCollection is that you don’t need a huge business network to raise money for a good cause – in this way, all participants can contribute on an equal footing. That’s why we have to put even more focus on this potential for the upcoming season,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Team Rynkeby raised EUR 8.8 million for children with critical illnesses in 2017 – of which EUR 650,000 was raised via the fundraising platform MyCollection.

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