TR Press UK - 10-08-2021

Peter Frank Andersen takes a new turn as chairman of the board

The former chairman of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, Peter Frank Andersen, has agreed to temporarily return to the post in the coming year.

In the coming year, Peter Frank Andersen will be chairman of the board of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

On Monday, a unanimous board of directors pointed to the former CEO of Rynkeby Foods, and Peter Frank Andersen agreed to temporarily re-enter the position of chairman, which he also held in the period 2017-2020.

Peter Frank Andersen explains that he wants to help ensure the continuity of Team Rynkeby, while Rynkeby Foods is in the process of recruiting and onboarding its future CEO.

“When I took over as CEO of Rynkeby Foods, I naturally also became part of Team Rynkeby. It is a cause that has since come to mean a lot to me, and I myself have had the pleasure of participating as a rider. And when I got the opportunity last year, I wanted to continue on the board as an ordinary member. Now Rynkeby Foods is about to find its new CEO, and in that process would very much like to contribute to the project's continuity in a transitional phase, and therefore I chose to accept the task in the coming year,” says Peter Frank Andersen.

Peter Frank Andersen has twice been on the bike with Team Rynkeby to Paris, in the seasons of 17/18 and 18/19.

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