TR Press UK - 09-10-2020

Recordbreaking number of participants in Team Rynkeby


Never before have so many riders worn the yellow jersey. In the anniversary season of 2020/2021 Team Rynkeby has currently registered an impressive 2.480 riders, raising funds for children with critical illnesses.

Team Rynkeby, year 2020/21, is seriously getting into shape.

The riders on the 59 Teams in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Pharoe Islands, Germany and Switzerland have been selected, the bikes are ordered at Bianchi, and the first status tells of an impressive record. In the 20th year of Team Rynkeby, no less than 2.480 riders are pedaling for the noble cause, and in a dedicated community, which has never been bigger.

The service-Team, there to help the riders along the way, is not yet fully complete. However, the of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, Carl Erik Dalbøge, estimates that the project as a whole will reach more than 3.000 participants in the anniversary season.

”With all of our teams fully intact on the side of the riders, we have reached no less than 2.480 riders, or about 260 more than the same time last year. It is my expectation that we will reach more than 3.000 participants for the first time in the history of the project, when we reach a fully numbered service-team. This is a fantastic number, and it bears witness to the fact, that in its 20th year Team Rynkeby has never been more alive. I think we have grown stronger in a difficult year, where we, for the first time ever, could not ride to Paris, due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

More teams than ever before
The participants from last season have been given the offer to ride again this season, if they want to and if they live up to the criteria of the teams. This explains, according to Carl Erik Dalbøge, part of the rise in numbers. Adding to this is the fact that there are more teams than ever before.

“My guess is, that about 70 percent of the riders from last year are riding again this year, and this is of course part of the explanation of our fine number of participants. But the fact that we have two new teams on board, one more in Germany and one more in Norway, and I can say already at this point, that we will have even more teams next season, makes me think that the number of participants will rise once more,” he says.

An experience for life
The Covid-10 pandemic is, of course, still an unknown factor in the equation, also in the ongoing season. That is why Carl Erik Dalbøge stresses that a “plan b” for the individual countries is important, if the trip to Paris, contrary to expectations, cannot be completed.

"The overall goal is, of course, that we raise as many funds as possible for the good causes and that we give all our participants and experience for life. This means that we are also very focused on working with a plan b, if we, contrary to what we expect, again find ourselves in a situation, where we cannot ride to Paris. On top of that, we have a big task in keeping our many loyal sponsors and continuing our cooperation. We will have a very strong foundation looking ahead to the future, if we succeed in both fields," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

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