Signed up to join Team Rynkeby – three weeks later, Peter's son was diagnosed with cancer

TR Press UK - 11-07-2017

Signed up to join Team Rynkeby – three weeks later, Peter's son was diagnosed with cancer

When Peter Hansen sent his application to join Team Rynkeby, he had no idea that his own son, just three weeks later, would be one of the children that Team Rynkeby helps support.

Stage 3, Osnabrück: During the lunch break, Peter Hansen walks with determined steps towards one of Team Rynkeby Malmö's service vehicles. He leans in to the passenger seat and takes out a little brown teddy bear. It's wearing a white t-shirt that says 'Lukas' – the name of Peter Hansen's 9-year-old son.

"We've taken a teddy bear from Lund Hospital along. The children in the hospital chose a participant to bring their teddy to Paris – and it's the rider's responsibility to keep the child updated on what the teddy is experiencing under way," says Peter Hansen, who is currently cycling in his first Tour de Paris with Team Rynkeby Malmö.

He sits down on a bench a little bit away from other cyclists.

It was just under a year ago that Lukas was diagnosed with cancer – a mere three weeks after Peter coincidentally heard about Team Rynkeby.

"That was in June 2016. We had some LinkedIn training with someone who had cycled with Team Rynkeby East Jutland for five years. And during lunch we spoke together about Team Rynkeby, and I was so taken by the project and the good cause that, after lunch, I went up and filled out an application immediately," says Peter Hansen.

Large tumour
He didn't really give the application much thought until September 2016, when he suddenly found out that he had been accepted to the Malmö team. At that point, the family had just learned of Lukas's illness.

"He spent seven days with a slightly enlarged abdomen, and we had been to the doctor with him, and they kept saying that it was just constipation," Peter says and continues:

"I don't live with Lukas and his little brother's mother, but one Saturday morning she called and asked if I could take Lukas to the hospital because he was in such pain that he couldn't get down the stairs. We drove to Lund Hospital that morning at 9 AM and he was admitted immediately. After a lot of tests, it turned out that he had a large tumour sized 12 x 15 cm in his kidney.

Joint project
Fortunately, Lukas responded well to the treatment. And after five rounds of chemotherapy, the tumour had shrunk by 80% so it could be operated on.

"It was a tumour type that didn't require as strong medication as some of the other children get. Lukas was also lucky enough that, after just one or two rounds of radiation, the doctors ascertained that radiation wasn't necessary – and in May his treatment was finished," explains Peter Hansen, who is happy that in the middle of it all, he signed on to be part of Team Rynkeby.

"When I applied, I wanted to join the team for the mission, the exercise, and the possibility of making a lot of new friends in Sweden," says Peter Hansen, who is originally from Denmark.

"And the project became no less topical after Lukas took ill. Lukas has participated in many of our events – including the honour of dropping the puck in an ice hockey match with 12,000 spectators in connection with a fund-raising event we did, so he also thinks that it's fun to be a part of," Peter says, before he hurries to call home and tell Lukas that the teddy has just had lunch and is continuing his journey towards Neukirchen-Vluyn, where Team Rynkeby Malmö will spend the night.

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