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Still available spots on Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby is currently setting up teams for the coming season where the international charity cycling team once again will go to Paris. The team still has available spots.

Sunday at midnight, Team Rynkeby formally closed for applications to the team that from July 9 to July 16, 2022, is going to cycle to Paris for the benefit of children suffering from critical illnesses.

More than 2,500 people have applied for a spot in the project, and they will now be distributed among the 65 teams that the Team Rynkeby Foundation will establish for the 2021-2022 season across nine countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. In addition, an international team will be established with riders from various European countries.

Despite the many applicants, Team Rynkeby is still able to make room for even more riders next year.

- We are establishing six new teams this year. Therefore, we are able to bring a record high number of riders to Paris. In addition, we have areas in which the teams seem to be a little smaller than usual. For that reason, we will now spend the next month figuring out whether we can have even more people to join the teams, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen, General Manager at Team Rynkeby Foundation, says.

Apply now
If you dream of taking the trip to Paris next summer with Team Rynkeby, you should not wait too long to register your application, the Team Rynkeby General Manager says.

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- We set the teams as we receive the applications, and in some areas, there are only a few spots left. However, we try to find a way to give as many people as possible this amazing experience of joining a unique community that gathers around doing something good for both themselves and others, Jørgen HK Jepsen says.

Community is key
Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen finds that there are many people who seek communities like the one the Team Rynkeby project represents.

- We need these communities. At Team Rynkeby, you join a strong and unique community that centers on exercise, coziness, fun and solicitude for one another, and many of the riders make friends for life in the yellow jersey, he says and elaborates:

- At the same time, you join an active training community where you get to feel the joy of getting into really good shape and being able to ride longer and longer trips on your bike. Finally, it culminates with this ultimate cycling experience with an epic ending in Paris which for sure will give the riders goosebumps.

- Simultaneously, you become good at fundraising, and you learn how to use your network, your creativity and your commitment to help children with critical illness, Jørgen H.K. Jepsen says.

If you are interested, register your application here...

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