TR Press UK - 27-05-2016

Team Rynkeby expands with six new teams after the summer

Team Rynkeby makes room for another 200 riders after the summer. For the first time in 10 years there will not be established new teams in Denmark.

After the summer Team Rynkeby establishes two new teams in Sweden, two new teams in Finland, one new team Norway, and one new team in Iceland.

The Team Rynkeby management has just agreed on that.

Thus the largest charity cycling team in the Nordic region grows from 38 to 44 teams in 2017, making room for now 1,750 riders and 450 helpers from all over Scandinavia.

- The idea of doing something good for yourself while doing something good for others, continues to attract thousands of people throughout the Nordic region. And as the Team Rynkeby Project’s charity message is spread in the Nordic countries, the interest to take part is also rising, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

For the 2016 season, Team Rynkeby had the largest number of applicants ever. About 3,000 people applied for a place on one of the teams, which was six percent higher than the year before.

No new teams in Denmark
While Team Rynkeby establishes new teams in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, Team Rynkeby maintain it's 18 teams in Denmark and one team in the Faroe Islands.

- We have no immediate plans to set up more teams in the Faroe Islands. At the same time, we have grown every year since 2007 in Denmark, and now we are beginning to be challenged by the size of the country. Last year we received support from no less than 4,000 sponsors in Denmark alone, so it is obviously more difficult to find new sponsorship money, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who, however, will not deny that there are established new teams in Denmark in the future.

- There may be room for a few more, but next year we will see how things develop, he said.

Team Rynkeby Foundation has just put the final name on one of the six new teams - it's the new team in Iceland which simply will be called Team Rynkeby Island.

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