TR Press UK - 15-03-2016

Team Rynkeby expands with team in Iceland

Team Rynkeby starts a team in Iceland after this summer. Thus six countries will be represented at the Nordic region's largest charity cycling team next season.

Team Rynkeby expands from five to six countries. This is now a fact after Team Rynkeby Foundation Board of Directors has decided to establish a new local team in Iceland after this summer.

Team Rynkeby will hereafter be represented in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland when the Nordic region's largest charity cycling team embarks on its 16th season in the good cause.

- Iceland has long been in the game as the most natural country for Team Rynkeby to continue its international growth. We have worked towards this decision, since we just six months ago was approached by a group of Icelanders who wanted to pave the way for a team in Iceland - and now the timing is just right to take the plunge, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director in Team Rynkeby Foundation.

Icelanders learn
In order to learn what the Team Rynkeby project is all about four Icelanders have been accepted on Team Rynkeby Ringe and Team Rynkeby Vordingborg. One of them is Lárus Frans Guðmundsson, who is with as rider on Team Rynkeby Vordingborg.

- It is already a great experience to be part of Team Rynkeby and feel the excitement that penetrates the project. We have made many observations and learned many things that will benefit us when we really get started in Iceland. The coming months we will focus on spreading the message about Team Rynkeby in Iceland, so we get the attention and interest of potential participants and sponsors, he said.

Expands more places
Team Rynkeby Island is not the only new team that will be found in the Team Rynkeby peleton after the summer. According to Carl Erik Dalbøge there will probably also be established new teams in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

- It depends to some extend on where the applicants come from, so we will decide later in the year, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you want to be a part of Team Rynkeby in 2017, then you can apply for a place here.

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