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Team Rynkeby Foundation director: A fantastic tour

Team Rynkeby Foundation director Carl Erik Dalbøge takes stock of the charity cycling team's fifteenth Tour de Paris to benefit children with cancer.

Paris, the day after: The yellow cycling gear can stay in the suitcase and the service team can sleep late. Team Rynkeby's fifteenth Tour de Paris to benefit children with cancer is now over.

One of the riders in street clothes in Paris today is Team Rynkeby Foundation director Carl Erik Dalbøge. He can now take stock of the past week's cycling efforts down through Europe.

"It's been a fantastic tour. "The best in the eight years I've participated. "What I'm hearing from the teams I've talked to is that the riders were well-prepared and did some amazing cycling, and the service teams brought a high level of performance for the entire week," he says, continuing:

"We've had incredibly good cycling weather. "The riders had it all – strong headwinds, lots of rain, and also quite a bit of sun at exactly the right moments. "All the stages ended in good weather, and that made everyone want to socialise all the more," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

"You can't avoid the odd crash when you have so many people cycling together. "Fortunately there were very few serious crashes, and I hope that the cyclists who suffered the worst bruises recover quickly," he says.

A fine finish
The 38 Team Rynkeby teams cycled to Paris along different routes, but once they arrived in the city all 1,500 riders gathered for a parade ride of the last 15 kilometres to Prairie du Cercle Sud in the north-eastern corner of Paris, where thousands of friends and family members awaited them.

And the parade ride through Paris went off exactly as the Team Rynkeby director had hoped.

"We had a lot of help from the French police, who closed all the streets and enabled us to ride through Paris without stopping. "It's the first time the parade ride has gone so smoothly, and it helped a great deal that we decided to move the final day from Friday to Saturday," says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who until a few days prior to the tour had struggled to obtain the final permissions from the authorities.

"Despite the challenges we had towards the end, we succeeded in creating a fantastic backdrop on Prairie du Cercle Sud. "The area worked really well for us, and there was sufficient space for all the participants and their friends and families. "Unfortunately the service teams had to drag the equipment a bit farther than we had intended, but just like all the other challenges on the tour, the service teams accomplished their task admirably," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

If you would like to be part of Team Rynkeby in 2017, you can apply here: www.team-rynkeby.com/apply.

The news you have just read was translated by Amesto Translations A/S.

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