TR Press UK - 22-05-2017

Team Rynkeby gets a new main sponsor in three countries

After the summer holidays, the juice brand 'God Morgon' will become the new main sponsor for Team Rynkeby in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Team Rynkeby will therefore change its name to 'Team Rynkeby – God Morgon' in these three countries.

The juice brand 'God Morgon' will be taking over the financing of Team Rynkeby Foundation activities in Sweden, Norway and Finland after the summer holidays. Team Rynkeby Foundation has thus secured financing for its continued work on behalf of children with critical illnesses in these three countries.

The information was shared by Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

"It is very gratifying that with the sponsorship from God Morgon we can now continue our work to benefit critically ill children throughout the Nordic countries. "The sponsorship secures the finances of Team Rynkeby Foundation and enables us to send all the funds we raise directly to the organisations we cooperate with," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

”Business as usual”
God Morgon will take over financing of Team Rynkeby Foundation's activities in Sweden, Norway and Finland from the Danish juice company Rynkeby Foods A/S. This will also mean that the charity cycling team Team Rynkeby will change its name to 'Team Rynkeby – God Morgon'. The name change will apply only to Sweden, Norway and Finland.

"In Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, Rynkeby Foods A/S will continue to be responsible for financing Team Rynkeby Foundation activities, and in these countries the charity cycling team will therefore continue to be called 'Team Rynkeby'.

"In Sweden, Norway and Finland, we'll be changing the name a bit, and we'll have a new logo, but otherwise it's 'business as usual'. "We will still act as one overall charity cycling team under the Team Rynkeby name. "The jerseys and bicycles are still yellow, we will still cycle to Paris more or less as a group, and we will still raise money for children with critical illnesses," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Provides new expansion options
Rynkeby Foods A/S and God Morgon were both acquired last year by the German juice group Eckes-Granini. And the decision to have God Morgon take over the financing of Team Rynkeby Foundation activities in Sweden, Norway and Finland will also be in continuation of the acquisition.

The acquisition has led to an organisational change, which means that Rynkeby Foods A/S will no longer sell its products throughout the Nordic region. The Rynkeby brand is instead subordinated to Eckes-Granini's sales companies in individual countries, while Rynkeby Foods A/S will in future focus on the Danish market and function as a production unit for Eckes-Granini. Rynkeby Foods A/S can therefore no longer finance the Team Rynkeby Foundation's operations throughout the Nordic region.

"At Team Rynkeby Foundation we have been working on this challenge for many months, and I actually believe that we have created an incredibly strong franchise model that not only ensures future financing in the current countries, but which also opens up the project for future European expansion. "The perspectives for the project are incredibly exciting," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

And this is by no means the first time Team Rynkeby is undergoing a name change. When the charity cycling team was founded in 2002, it was called 'Team Rynke'. In 2008, the team changed its name to the current Team Rynkeby.



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