TR Press UK - 29-01-2018

Team Rynkeby is experiencing massive sponsorship growth

Almost 1,300 companies have concluded a clothing sponsorship agreement with Team Rynkeby. This is an increase of more than 20 percent compared to last year.

It’s full speed ahead for Team Rynkeby’s fundraising efforts for children with critical illnesses. The charity cycling team has just passed the deadline for concluding sponsorships, giving sponsors access to putting their logo on Team Rynkeby’s characteristic yellow jerseys.

And Team Rynkeby can now conclude its successful sponsor ‘charm offensive’ with a record number of signed sponsorship agreements.

A total of 1,297 companies have signed a clothing sponsorship agreement with Team Rynkeby. This is an increase of 21.2 percent compared to the previous year.

“I am very, very surprised by the increase. This is tremendous growth that clearly surpasses what we have seen in previous years. The increase cannot just be explained by the fact that there are more participants and more teams this year. The participants have simply done an outstanding job of recruiting sponsors,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge, Director of Team Rynkeby Foundation, and continues:

“We have some experienced teams that are becoming even more targeted in their sponsorship work. Although a large number of our participants change each year, the teams are very good at ensuring the continuity of the project and equipping new participants to continue the work started by previous teams. That means that Team Rynkeby’s Nordic brand gets better and better, and there are a great many companies who would like to be associated with the values and the product we offer,” the director continues.

Tripling of major sponsors
Team Rynkeby cycles to Paris every year to raise money for children with critical illnesses. This year, the charity cycling team includes more than 1,900 cyclists and 450 volunteers divided into 48 teams in six countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

And this broad anchoring across the entire Nordic region is also one of the reasons why Team Rynkeby has seen a large increase in the number of clothing sponsorships, the Team Rynkeby director explains.

“This year we’ve tripled the number of sponsors who are donating more than € 12,500 to our fundraising efforts for critically ill children. One of the reasons they are doing so is because a number of companies have a strong interest in anchoring their CSR activities in their departments throughout the Nordic region, and that makes Team Rynkeby an obvious choice of partner. At the same time, these companies are also entering a sponsorship level that provides them with excellent opportunities for visibility among a large, attractive audience,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris for the 17th time from 30 June to 7 July 2018.

The following 30 companies are supporting Team Rynkeby with at least € 12,500:

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