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Team Rynkeby is ready with Plan B

This year's main goal for Team Rynkeby is still called Paris. And the belief that it can be done shimmers through in the wake of the corona vaccine's arrival. But the participating countries all have a Plan B ready, so the participants get an experience of a lifetime, even if the trip to Paris may be cancelled.

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. The well-known danish proverb has, if anything, personified everyday life in a Corona time, where not much can be taken for granted, and the future can be more than commonly difficult to grasp.

For Team Rynkeby, the corona pandemic last year meant, for the first time ever, a cancellation of the bike ride to Paris, which in many ways stands as one of the cornerstones of the project. Here, a couple of pedal wires into 2021, it is also not clear whether the trip can be completed this year. This is hoped for, and with the advent of the corona vaccine, optimism is sprouting. Nevertheless, one of the most important goals of the year is that all teams and countries have a Plan B ready, which makes it possible to end this year's work of collecting funds with a longer national tour.

"I would like to state immediately that we are counting on being able to cycle to Paris, and although it is impossible to say whether it will come true at the moment, there is, after all, optimism to be found in the vaccine. So we believe in it. But due to the uncertainty, it has been a crucial goal for the project this year that all teams have a clear plan b ready, if against our hopes it is not possible to cycle to Paris, "says CEO of The Team Rynkeby Foundation Carl Erik Dalbøge and continues.

“We have come a long way with our work, and for several of our countries and teams, there are already tailor-made plans ready, typically nationally based trips. Of course, a lot of details are still missing, but it can be expected that we will hopefully be wiser in a few months. ”

Keep up the good energy and optimism
When a Plan B has such a high priority, it is connected with several things, Carl Erik Dalbøge points out. The very foundation of the project is based on the many participants' enthusiasm, desire and willingness to both train and raise money for children with critical illnesses. All other things being equal, it gets a boost from the fact that you have something to aim for, something to train for and look forward to and be social about. It is also about wanting to give all participants an experience of a lifetime. And last but not least, Team Rynkeby has a goal that the funds raised will be equal to  or better than last year's 65.5 million. (EUR 8.72 million).

"The fact that we have a Plan B ready to go is also very much about doing everything we can to maintain the good energy and optimism. Fortunately, I feel an incredible spirit when I talk to the country managers, even though the situation with the corona makes life a little harder for us. It is impressive and absolutely crucial that we also succeed in raising the money that makes such a big difference for critically ill children. I think it looks solid with the funds raised already and I am optimistic that we will reach above last year's level. Especially if we get the opportunity to carry out more events during the spring and summer, ”says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

This year's Team Rynkeby consists of around 3000 participants in 59 teams in eight countries

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