Team Rynkeby sets an impressive new sponsorship record – even before the deadline

TR Press UK - 16-01-2018

Team Rynkeby sets an impressive new sponsorship record – even before the deadline

If you wish to have your company logo on Team Rynkeby’s cycling apparel for this summer’s ride to Paris, you must have concluded a sponsorship agreement with the charity cycling team by Friday 19th January 2018.

1,142 companies have so far concluded a gold sponsorship agreement with Team Rynkeby. Among other things, the sponsorship, worth at least € 2,500, allows companies to get their logo on Team Rynkeby’s yellow cycling apparel.

To give the Team Rynkeby Foundation time to have all the logos printed on the charity cycling team’s clothing, ready to hand over to the riders when outdoor training kicks off in earnest on around 1 April, all gold sponsorship agreements must be concluded by 19 January 2018.

And with a couple days left to conclude the last gold sponsorship agreements, Team Rynkeby Foundation director Carl Erik Dalbøge can already report that a significant, new record has been set when it comes to the number of Team Rynkeby’s gold sponsorships.

“Last year we had the backing of 1,070 gold sponsors when we sent the clothing to be printed – so we’ll be well over that this year. By how much is a little uncertain, as the figure can go up or down slightly before everything is finalised, but I am very, very grateful for the support we have again this year from an incredible number of companies,” says Dalbøge.

50 per cent more platinum sponsors
In addition to the 1,142 companies that have donated at least € 2,500 to Team Rynkeby’s fundraising for children with critical illnesses, some 28 companies have concluded a platinum sponsorship agreement with Team Rynkeby. In doing so, they are supporting the charity cycling team’s fundraising with the donation of at least € 12,500, and will have their logo on six of the charity cycling team’s 48 teams.

At this point, just prior the deadline to have their logo on the clothing, the number of sponsors is just shy of 50 per cent higher than last year’s number of platinum sponsors.

“That’s pretty impressive. There really are some companies that have seen the potential of collaborating closely with Team Rynkeby – which naturally not only provides some really exciting opportunities to draw attention to the sponsors, but also opens up opportunities for our extensive network with these sponsors,” explains Dalbøge.

The deadline is drawing near
If your company is to have its logo on Team Rynkeby’s cycling apparel for this summer’s ride to Paris, you should contact your local Team Rynkeby team or the Team Rynkeby Foundation’s administration as soon as possible.

All gold sponsorships must be accepted by the sponsor by Friday 19 January 2018 at the latest.

Please note that all sponsorship revenue is donated in full to the causes supported by Team Rynkeby in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Find out more about your opportunities to become a sponsor of Team Rynkeby here.

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