TR Press UK - 17-10-2016

Team Rynkeby's new team-racer

Team Rynkeby has given its official team-racer a significant facelift ahead of the charity season.

For the sixth consecutive year, the long-established Italian bicycle company, Bianchi, will be supplying bicycles to charity cyclists from Team Rynkeby when spring training begins for the Tour de Paris next summer.

Just like the previous season, Team Rynkeby's official team-racer will be built on Bianchi's popular Intrapida carbon frame, with a full 11-speed Shimano 105 groupset and Shimano wheels.

"Over the course of the last three to four seasons, we have created a technical platform – which fully supports cyclists' needs – in close cooperation with Bianchi. Technically, only a few minor adjustments have been made to the new team-racer in comparison to the 2016 racer," says Christian Krause, Technical Adviser for the Team Rynkeby Foundation and Team Manager for Team Rynkeby Østsjælland.

Design Upgrade in 2017
"Team Rynkeby has decided to give the iconic yellow Team Rynkeby racer a design upgrade," explains Krause.

"The design upgrade will be the most conspicuous change to the Team Rynkeby racer in 2017. We have added a range of black components to the frame – including the underside of the down tube, the chain stay, crank, and the interior of the fork. These give the frame a more modern and add aesthetic value, while also making it easier to keep clean."

Krause adds that Team Rynkeby's 2017 racer has also received a new, ergonomic handlebar.

"We have added an aluminium handlebar with a flat area inside the stem, which means it's more ergonomically-adapted to fit cyclists' hands. The new handlebar is most practical outside of team training, as the cyclists naturally keep the brake levers on the handlebars so that they can quickly brake when cycling in teams," says Krause.

In 2017, Team Rynkeby will include 1,750 cyclists and 450 assistants, divided into 44 teams in Denmark (18 teams), Sweden (13 teams), Finland (6 teams), Norway (5 teams), the Faroe Islands (1 team) and Iceland (1 team).

The 1,060 Team Rynkeby cyclists who have ordered a new team-racer for the 2017 season will receive them no later than 1 April.

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