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The Danish Team Rynkeby “Team Vestegnen” has great success with ‘Drive In Bingo’

It can be difficult to raise money in a time marked by corona. But for the Danish Team Rynkeby team Vestegnen, a fun idea has proven to give a fantastic result. ‘Drive in Bingo’ has donated almost DKK 100,000 to children with critical illnesses. And the concept can be used in most places.

It's bingo, as most people know it. And yet not at all.

As a matter of fact, it is ‘drive in-bingo’ adapted to our everyday life with covid-19 restrictions. Tables with game boards and sitting shoulder by shoulder at a table, are replaced by cars in a parking lot. The call of the numbers is heard over the cars' radios, and bingo is called with the horn and by signaling with the hazard warning lights.

On 28 February, rider Dorthe Olsson and team service manager Sidsel Hjortshøj and the rest of the team at Team Rynkeby Vestegnen had arranged Drive in Bingo in the parking lot at Hotel Scandic in Hvidovre. Here, in collaboration with the people from Hotel Scandic Hvidovre, it was lined up with stalls that in a covid19-safe manner sold sausage horns, cakes and drinks to the "driving" players. All to raise money for the foundation for children with critical illnesses.

A huge success
The hope was that 70 cars would appear for the alternative version of bingo, where the participants would stay in the cars.

- To our great surprise, 150 cars arrived. We had completely sold out and we could have sold even more tickets if there had been room for it. It was a fun day, and then it was absolutely amazing that we could now even apart be reunited. It was something we have missed, says team captain Morten Dyrner.

The idea for Drive in Bingo arose at the end of last year by a couple of the members from Team Rynkeby Vestegnen. The plan was actually a classic bingo event back in March 2020, but that changed due to the situation with Covid-19. - Suddenly we were left with a lot of gifts that we did not know what to do about. In December, a couple of the teammates got the idea that we should make a Drive in Bingo, which by and large could be arranged regardless of how the situation was with Covid-19, says Morten Dyrner.

Large donation to children with critical illnesses
During the day, the 410 bingo players collected just over 100,000 kroner. The participants consisted of many different people, there were some, who came solely to support the good cause, and then there were the local bingo players, who due to a longer break from the bingo-halls, now again had the opportunity to play.

- People were excited about our bingo concept and actually asked if we could do it again, even though there may not be Covid-19 at that time. At the same time, we showed that we can succeed in getting together families and friends in warm cars instead of in a large cold sports facility, says Morten Dyrner.

An obvious concept for other teams
During the preparations, the organizers were very excited about how the participants would welcome  a Drive in Bingo. Therefore, one quote by the fictional character from popular children’s book’s Pippi Longstocking's was used as the fuel leading up to the event. - This, we have never tried it before, so we are probably good at it. And that is, in fact, the true Rynkeby spirit. In addition, there are volunteers who have an absolutely amazing and self-sacrificial will in making things happen, says Morten Dyrner.

Therefore, he also believes that the idea from Vestegnen can easily be picked up by other Team Rynkeby teams.

- When we do this, it must be shared. It's always about letting ourselves be inspired by each other and picking up each other's ideas and bringing them to life. The purpose is not to make something unique. The purpose is to raise money for children who need it, says Morten Dyrner.

The participants were applauded in the end
At the end of the project, the Team Rynkeby team lined up and applauded the guests. - In the end, we had arranged it in such a way that when people left the parking lot, all of us from Team Rynkeby lined up in a row at the exit and applauded them on their way out. After all, people were quite thrilled on the experience, because we thanked them for their contributions. It was a very special and warm experience, he says.

- With the participation of 150 cars and 410 bingo players, almost 100,000 kroner was collected for the benefit of children with critical illnesses.
- More specifically, it works in such a way that the participants sit with their bingo charts in the cars, while they get read the numbers over the radio. When a ‘bingo’ is made, you push and start the hazard warning flasher.

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