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The deadline is drawing nearer: Would you like your company logo on Team Rynkeby's clothing?

It's almost the last chance for your company to become a clothing sponsor for one of Team Rynkeby's 44 teams this season.

More than 900 companies so far have signed up for a gold sponsorship with one of Team Rynkeby's 44 local teams this season.

In doing so they have ensured their logo space on Team Rynkeby's cycling clothing when Scandinavia's most media-exposed charity cycling team gets under way with training for the summer ride to Paris.

Gold sponsors pay a minimum of DKK 20,000 to feature their logo on the cycling clothing, and the entire amount goes to children's cancer organisations in the six countries in which Team Rynkeby is represented.

"We're continuing to experience a huge amount of goodwill from businesses throughout Scandinavia who want to contribute to the battle against children's cancer through Team Rynkeby. "And by sponsoring Team Rynkeby, companies gain visibility as well as a good story that can activate both internally and externally. "A great many companies can see the value in that," explains Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

The deadline is drawing nearer
It's almost the last chance for companies who wish to enter into a clothing sponsorship agreement with Team Rynkeby this season.

All clothing sponsors must accept the agreements by 22 January 2017, whereupon the charity cycling team clothing will be ordered in Italy.

"If you want your company logo on our clothing, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can draw up a sponsorship agreement. "Once we pass the deadline, it will no longer be possible to add logos to the Team Rynkeby clothing before 2018," says Carl Erik Dalbøge, who emphasises that Team Rynkeby's fund-raising work will continue undaunted through to August 2017.

"Companies can still become sponsors after 22 January – but they cannot get their logos on the clothes," he says.

Find out more about the options for sponsoring Team Rynkeby here.

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