TR Press UK - 08-12-2017

The first bicycles will soon be on the road

Many Team Rynkeby teams will be able to get out and train on their new Team Rynkeby racing cycles before Christmas. The first bicycles have just arrived from Bianchi.

At one of Denmark’s largest bike shops, Bikeworld in Silkeborg, they’re currently working at high speed to get the first Team Rynkeby racing cycles ready for delivery on Monday.

That’s when 30 cyclists from Team Rynkeby Østjylland will take delivery of the bikes they’re going to ride to Paris next summer.

The delivery in Silkeborg is one of the first such deliveries this season – and in fact, it's so early that it also comes as a pleasant surprise for Team Rynkeby Foundation’s Director.

“Never before has Team Rynkeby received bikes before Christmas,” he explains.

“It’s something we have been paying close attention to this year. In the past, we’ve focused on having the bikes delivered before Easter. But several teams have expressed their desire to receive their bikes earlier so they can get started with training, and the dealers have more time in which to serve us. We have a close and constructive cooperation with Bianchi, and great efforts have been made to step up the pace of production. “But the fact that the bikes are going to be delivered this soon comes as a pleasant surprise to me,” says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Weather is no obstacle
And according to Rasmus Hald, sales associate specialising in racing bicycles at Bikeworld, Team Rynkeby cyclists ought to exploit the rapid delivery time to get out onto the roads.

“Many Team Rynkeby cyclists haven’t ridden a racing bicycle before, so I would definitely recommend getting started as early as possible – you don’t need to do long trips, but it’s a really good idea to start using the bike quickly and go out on some small trips so you get used to it,” he says.

And you don’t need to wait for dry roads, it seems.

“The bike will be of course a little dirtier with the weather we have now, but luckily you can do something about that,” smiles Rasmus Hald.

“After training, it’s a good idea to clean the chain with a degreaser. Then rinse it with a garden hose using the sprayer to distribute the water properly – and here it’s important that you don’t use a pressure washer or something similar. The moving parts could be damaged by it,” he says.

A potential Christmas gift idea
“When you wash the bike, I would recommend using a product made specifically for bikes – for example, the bright pink bottle from Muc-Off together with a clean brush. Afterwards you have to lubricate the chain using a good chain lube, which shouldn’t be too thin at this time of year. And when you’re completely finished, you can give the bike a little ‘showroom polish’, which not only makes the bike look good but also makes it more resistant to dirt for the next training session,” continues Rasmus Hald, who isn’t shy about sending a few Christmas gift ideas in the direction of new Team Rynkeby riders.

“If you’re going to ride in the winter, it might be a good idea to buy a couple of good, long mudguards so you don’t splash water and dirt on yourself and your teammates. If I have to come up with a recommendation it would be a pair of ‘SKS Race Blade Long’, which isn’t too expensive to be a good Christmas gift idea – and winter clothes in general are also really nice to find under the Christmas tree for a new Team Rynkeby rider,” says Rasmus Hald.

It is the seventh time that Bianchi is supplying racing bikes to Team Rynkeby. Just like in previous years, this year’s Team Rynkeby racing bike is built on the popular Intrepida carbon frame with a full 11-speed Shimano 105 groupset and Shimano wheels. Read more about the bike here.





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