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The next generation is donning the yellow jersey

22-year-old Andreas Boye and 21-year-old Caroline Møller Nielsen are both the children of former Team Rynkeby riders. Now they themselves are donning the yellow jersey for the good cause.

Stage 3, Bremen: “Team Rynkeby gets into your blood,” is an often-heard comment from Team Rynkeby participants who keep returning to the project year after year. But that the Team Rynkeby project is also in the blood of the next generation, 22-year-old Andreas Boye and 21-year-old Caroline Møller Nielsen, is excellent proof that it’s true.

The two cyclists from Team Rynkeby Odense are both the children of former Team Rynkeby participants. Andreas’ mother and father were on the team in 2012 and 2013, while Caroline’s father rode on the 2013 and 2014 tours. In addition, her aunt and two uncles have also been involved.

“It was huge when my father became part of Team Rynkeby. At the time, not so many people had done something like that, so folks were very impressed that my father was involved. Since then there have been a few more who have tried it, but people still think that it’s exciting,” says Caroline Møller Nielsen.

“I’ve experienced the atmosphere of Team Rynkeby’s conclusion in Paris several times, so it’s something that I’ve long wanted to do as a cyclist,” she continues.

Andreas nods.

“When my mum and dad first joined the team, it was the first big thing they did together and were passionate about, so it was great to experience. Although it’s several years since they were involved, they still have a lot of contact with both current and former Team Rynkeby participants, so it’s something that has played and continues to play a major role in our family. So I’ve always had a tremendously positive view of the project,” says Andreas Boye.

The age range makes no difference
The two young riders are somewhat younger than the majority of their teammates, but that’s not something they notice anymore.

“There are so many social activities during the season with shared meals, city tours and the like, and we’ve trained together twice a week, so you quickly become very familiar with each other. In fact, we no longer notice that we are different places in life – you’re just part of the team,” says Andreas, and Caroline adds:

“Initially, it was perhaps a bit challenging to be so much younger than the majority of the other participants. We probably all had to get a feel for one another. But now I don’t think about the age range anymore. Sometimes the others behave like they’re younger than us – sometimes we actually feel very mature on this team,” laughs Caroline Møller Nielsen.

Surpasses all expectations
Before joining Team Rynkeby, neither Andreas nor Caroline had ever cycled on a racing bike before, but their transformation from students to cyclists has surpassed all expectations.

“I think it’s amazing how much we’ve developed. From the first workout of 37 km, where I thought that I would never make it to Paris, to now where today’s 210 km-long stage doesn’t seem so bad. Right now, it’s all about being in the saddle seven days in a row, which I’m excited about,” says Caroline Møller Nielsen.

You can follow Andreas and Caroline and the other 1,800 Team Rynkeby riders on their journey through Europe on the LIVE map on Team Rynkeby's website.


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