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Thousands of friends and families are expected to welcome Team Rynkeby in Paris

Team Rynkeby's 16th Tour de Paris is nearing its conclusion. Tomorrow all 44 teams will arrive in Paris. Here is an overview of the final push to the finish line.

Stage 6, Compiègne: The last long stage is over in this year's edition of the Team Rynkeby Tour de Paris. What's left is a short journey to Paris before the 1,700 riders and 450 volunteers can pop champagne corks on the 'Prairie de Cercle Sud', where the tour concludes tomorrow (see map 1).

Team Rynkeby Foundation expects that between 5,000 and 6,000 friends and family members of the participants will gather on the square to welcome Team Rynkeby when the charity cycling team's 44 local teams arrive one by one between 1 and 2 PM.

The teams will arrive at ’Prairie du Cercle Sud’ via ’Galerie de l’Ourcq’ either from the south-west or north-west direction (see map 2). At the square's south-west corner, the teams will swing into 'Allée du Cercle' following the curve of the path up to the north-west corner of the square where Team Rynkeby has set up a portal. The portal is the official finish line of the tour.

Within 'Prairie du Cercle Sud' itself, the teams' service teams have set up pavilions where the teams will gather after arriving at the square (see map 3).

'Prairie du Cercle Sud' opens for families and friends at 10 AM, and the event in the square ends at 3 PM after which the teams go to their respective hotels.

Friends/family arriving at the square by Metro should get off at 'Métro Porte de Pantin' (Line 5).

If you're not in Paris tomorrow, you can follow the conclusion LIVE starting at 12 noon on www.team-rynkeby.com/LIVE.

Map 1 (Prairie du Cercle Sud)

Map 2 (How the teams arrive at the square)

Map 3 (Shows pavilions for all teams)

Click on the map to show it in full size.

1. Stockholm | 2. Helsingborg |3. Malmö |4. Göteborg |5. Halland |6. Halmstad |7. Jönköbing
23. Kalmar | 24. Kristianstad | 25. Lund | 26. Sjuhärad | 27. Täby | 28. Växjö | 29. Oulo

8. Espoo | 9. Helsinki |10. Jyväskulä |11. Bergen | 12. Nord-Norge | 13. Iceland |14. Bornholm | 15. Holbæk 
30. Tampera | 31. Turku | 32. Oslo | 33. Rogaland | 34. Østfold | 35. Faroe Island | 36. Rigshospitalet | 37. Ringe

16. København | 17. Østjylland | 18. Midt-Vest | 19. Nordjylland | 20. Nordsjælland | 21. Næstved | 22. Odense
38. Silkeborg | 39. Sønderjylland | 40. Trekanten | 41. Vestjylland | 42. Vestsjælland | 43. Øresund | 44. Østsjælland

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