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"We want to be Scandinavia's safest and most considerate cycling team"

Team Rynkeby wants to be Scandinavia's safest and most considerate cycling team. Which is why the charity cycling team has just created a new video on cycling safety.

Hundreds of new leisure cyclists are taking to the Danish roads these days as Team Rynkeby embarks on outdoor training for this summer's ride to Paris.

And the yellow jersey-clad charity cyclists are far from alone in dragging their bikes out of the sheds and onto the roads. An analysis issued by the Danish Institute for Sports Studies reveals that approximately 350,000 Danes frequently suit up and hop onto their bikes – not just to get to and from work, but for the exercise. And that's made leisure cycling the fastest growing sport in Denmark.

But not everyone is equally enthusiastic about the large numbers of leisure cyclists. In keeping with the growing number of leisure cyclists on the roads this spring, the number of verbal confrontations between drivers and cyclists is also on the rise.

"Some years it's been quite ugly – and that affects safety. "Cyclists and drivers must become better at being considerate of one another. "There are too many dangerous situations because cyclists aren't good enough at giving way, and the drivers are too impatient. "We simply must do better at watching out for one another," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Stick to the rules
Team Rynkeby wants to be Scandinavia's safest and most considerate cycling team, and in that spirit the charity cycling team has created a new video dealing with cycling safety.

"The video was produced under the expert guidance of Team Rynkeby Østsjællands's team manager, Christian Krause, who in his time as an extreme cyclist logged many more kilometres on the Danish highways than most. "In the video we focus among other things on how to ensure proper and considerate cycling towards other road users, just as we are focusing on how to increase the level of safety in the field itself," says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

In this way, Team Rynkeby's new safety video is a direct extension of Team Rynkeby's road ethics guidelines, which are required reading for all Team Rynkeby cyclists.

"It contains the rules that all Team Rynkeby cyclists must obey when they are riding in groups. "Naturally we can't decide how others will treat us, but we can certainly ensure that we ride safely and considerately – and hopefully this will rub off on the way that our fellow road users behave towards us."

You can watch Team Rynkeby's new video on cycling safety here:

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