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Will you be there to meet Team Rynkeby at the finish line in Paris? Then see here

On Saturday 7 July 2018, Team Rynkeby’s 48 teams will arrive in Paris. Find out how the charity cycling team will round off its annual cycling tour to the French capital here.

“The large grassed area of ‘Prairie du Cercle Sud’ in the north-eastern corner of Paris will once again form the setting for the conclusion of Team Rynkeby’s annual cycling tour to the French capital.

The conclusion of the charity cycling team’s 17th tour to Paris to raise money for children with critical illnesses will therefore be very similar to last year’s conclusion,” explains Carl Erik Dalbøge, director of Team Rynkeby Foundation.

“With 1,900 cyclists, 450 helpers and the likelihood of some 5,000 relatives turning up, we have reached a size that requires a slightly different set-up to ten years ago when we could sneak in with the traffic around the Eiffel Tower without asking for permission. At ‘Prairie du Cercle Sud’, we have the perfect setting to create a festive backdrop for the conclusion of this year’s tour,” he says.

Arrival at 13:30-14:30
The 48 Team Rynkeby teams from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland will arrive individually at ‘Prairie du Cercle Sud’ on Saturday 7 July 2018 between 13:30 and 14:30.

The teams will arrive at the square via ‘Galerie de l’Ourcq’, either from the south-west or the north-west (see map 2). In the south-west corner of the square, the teams will turn into ‘Allée du Cercle’ and follow the curve of the path up to the north-west corner of the square where Team Rynkeby has erected a large yellow gate. The gate is the official finish line of the tour.

Inside ‘Prairie du Cercle Sud’ itself, the teams’ service teams will have set up pavilions where the teams will gather after their arrival at the square (see map 3). This will be the natural place for friends and family to take up position.

‘Prairie du Cercle Sud’ will be opened to friends and family from 12:00 noon, and the event on the square ends at 16:00. The teams will then drive to their respective hotels.

Friends/family arriving at the square by Metro should get off at ‘Métro Porte de Pantin’ (Line 5).

Map 1 (Prairie du Cercle Sud)

Map 2 (How the teams will arrive)

Map 3 (shows pavilions for all teams)

Click on the map to show it in full size.

1. Nordjylland | 2. Midt-Vest | 3. Silkeborg | 4. Østjylland
25. Jönköping | 26. Kalmar | 27. Kristianstad | 28. Lund

5. Trekanten | 6. Vestjylland | 7. Sønderjylland
29. Malmö | 30. Sjuhärad | 31. Skaraborg

8. Odense | 9. Ringe | 10. Vestsjælland | 11. Holbæk | 12. Storstrøm
32. Stockholm | 33. Täby | 34. Värmland | 35. Vaxjö | 36. Bergen

13. Nordsjælland | 14. Riget | 15. København
37. Hed/Opp | 38. Nord-Norge | 39. Oslo

16. Øresund | 17. Østsjælland | 18. Bornholm | 19. Føroyar
40. Rogaland | 41. Østfold | 42. Espoo | 43. Helsinki

20. Island | 21. Dalarna | 22. Göteborg | 23. Halland | 24. Helsingborg
44. Jyväskylä | 45. Oulu | 46. Tampere | 47. Turku | 48. Vaasa

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