Apply to join us

Apply to join us

If you would like to be part of Team Rynkeby in 2020, please submit your application below. You can apply to participate as either a ‘rider’ or a ‘service person’. The teams will be composed according to these 10 selection criteria.

Please be aware that you as a rider or service person must cover the cost of your own participation. In 2019 the price to participate on Team Rynkeby is EUR 2,500 for riders (including bike, cycling clothing, bike helmet, hotels and full board) and EUR 510 for service persons (including hotels and full board). You can find answers to the most typical questions here.

You must register your application no later than 25 August 2019, and you will receive a reply on 4 September 2019. If you have already written an application and want to update it, you can do so by logging in here.

It is not yet decided when the tour to Paris will be completed by 2020.

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Team Rynkeby continuously produces news reports for Facebook. See all the features here.

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