1. We safeguard the project

We are obliged to follow guidelines and instructions
We see our team as part of a larger, unified unit.
We seek to apply best practice and strive consistently to make improvements

2. We respect each other

We are active in preparations for the trip
We are active in training and fund-raising activities
We are polite to each other – even when we are under pressure
We keep our promises and we back joint decisions
We welcome feedback

3. We take responsibility

We make a positive contribution to the social life of the team

4. We get involved

We show an interest in our team mates' team-related tasks
We use our network and are willing to take advice
We are inquisitive – we gather information from other teams via the Intranet

5. We live and learn

We learn from each other
We are enterprising and we are not afraid to try something new
We learn from our mistakes

6. We want success

We help our team mates to reach their goals
We believe that we and our team mates will succeed
We work with other teams and across national borders


Snapshots from Tour de Paris 2019

Snapshots from Team Rynkeby's trip to Paris 2019 - new snapshots every day.

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