Team Rynkeby

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Why we do it

To the critically ill children

We bike to raise money for the critically ill children in several countries. 

To healthiness and to get in shape

We have a strong community where exercise, coziness, fun and caring for others are the key.

To experience nature

Spectacular climbs and magnificent nature experiences await you on your trip to Paris.

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1,971 riders

Team Rynkeby consists of 1,971 exercise bike riders and 521 helpers divided into 63 local teams in 9 countries.

4,500 sponsors

In 2023, we had more than 4,500 sponsors who contributed either money or in kind to the project.

9,1 Million EUR

In 2023, we donated EUR 9,1 million to organizations that help children with critical illnesses.

Platinum sponsors

The following sponsors support Team Rynkeby's fundraising for children with critical illnesses