Team Rynkeby is run by the Team Rynkeby Foundation. It consists of a board of directors and a director who, together with a country manager for each of the countries in which Team Rynkeby is represented, takes care of the day-to-day management. It is typically the country manager who has contact with the participants on the teams in the individual countries. Each team is led by a team captain together with a steering committee consisting of a number of participants with different skills. Each team also has several key people responsible for, among other things, finances, sponsors, PR and service. 

See organizational chart.

The local teams also have a network of former participants. The network is called Team Rynkeby Cycling Club and is led by a TRCC Manager, who is appointed by the local team captain for one year at a time in collaboration with the country manager in the country in question.

See the Team Rynkeby Foundation's articles of association.