Billedet viser Team Rynkeby deltager i omfavnelse efter turen til Paris


Become a sponsor for Team Rynkeby
Become a sponsor for Team Rynkeby

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A Streght for the children

Team Rynkeby supports children suffering from critical illnesses, by raising money for Børnecancerfonden.

Vital research

With 2.400 riders, the foundation works to ensure that no children die of cancer.

Widespread knowledge

Team Rynkeby brings knowledge of the Børnecancerfonden all over the country and gives it power.

More than 20 years for the good cause

An important element in Team Rynkeby's work is to raise money for organizations that support children with critical illnesses. The money is collected, among other things, through sponsorships from benevolent companies.

In 2023, Team Rynkeby had more than 4,500 sponsors who contributed either money or goods to the project. This meant that Team Rynkeby could donate 9,2 million EUR to organizations that support children with critical illnesses in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Team Rynkeby is driven by volunteers, which means that we get sponsored a large part of the necessities that we need for the trip, among other things, cars, fuel, food and beverages. In addition, the participants cover their own expenses.

"It is extremely gratifying that the survival of children with critical illnesses continues to rise. It tells me that our support continues to make a difference for the children, but the work for sick children is by no means finished. We are very pleased that we, with the support from Eckes Granini, are able to donate our income from our trip to Paris to children with critical illness"

Solvejg Lauridsen, General Manager at Team Rynkeby Fonden

Become a sponsor of Team Rynkeby

Become a sponsor for Team Rynkeby
Become a sponsor for Team Rynkeby


Solvejg Lauridsen

General Manager

+45 61 22 89 36