Each year thousands of people apply to join Team Rynkeby – we are in very great demand. However, you can improve your chances of joining the team, if, in your application, you address the 10 selection criteria, which the Team Manager and the local steering committee apply to select team members.

Please note: In 2015 Team Rynkeby is only represented in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

  • Participants must be motivated to do what they can to raise funds for The Kids' Cancer Project.

  • Participants should, in principle, be resident in the local area to which the team is associated.

  • Participants must be in a position to find time to train with the team about twice a week during the spring (and to cycle at least 2,500 km before Tour de Paris).

  • If possible, there should be an equal number of men and women on the teams.

  • The teams should preferably comprise of both beginners and experienced amateur cyclists.

  • At least half of the participants on a team must be replaced each year (this figure takes into account that we are anxious to secure the continuity of the project).

  • There should be participants of all ages on the team (minimum age 18 years).

  • There should be a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds represented on the team (however, each team must have at least one doctor and one bicycle mechanic).

  • We attach great importance to the fact that participants are able to find sponsors.

  • Each team is permitted to reserve one or more places on the team for celebrities, whose presence helps to create public interest in the project. These places are often filled later than the other places.