Mountains to Paris


The mountain cycling teams start their trip to Paris in the mountains. It offers three days with plenty of elevation over some of the most impressive mountains. Afterwards, the teams drive out of the mountains to continue the trip to Paris. The Alpine and mountain cycling teams will arrive simultaneously with the other Team Rynkeby teams from all around Europe.

Most of the training sessions and meetings do NOT take place physically. Training often occurs in smaller groups or alone, and team meetings will be local or digital.

Participation on a mountain team is related to higher costs as there will be extra travel costs for events and the starting point for the trip to Paris.

On the mountain cycling teams, it is a criterion that you have experience riding a racing bike and are in good shape, which means this is not a team for beginners.

The mountain cycling teams are accessible to everyone, which means a lot of the communication will be in English, as they are international teams. It is, therefore, necessary that you can communicate in English.

Danish Alpine Teams

Team Rynkeby Galibier

Team Rynkeby Alpe d'Huez

Polka Dot Norway

The Norwegian Alpine Team

Polka Dot Finland

The Finnish Alpine Team

Team Rynkeby Galibier og Team Rynkeby Alpe d'Heuz

The Two Danish Alpine Teams First Trip to the French Alps

The video shows the first ever Team Rynkeby trip to the French alps, where they climbed four of the most famous alps in France


  • Application deadline - You must register your application before August 31, 2024.
  • The mountain cycling teams ride to Paris at the same time as the other teams, 5-12 July 2025
  • You can apply as a rider or a service person.
  • There will be a limited number of spots on the mountain teams. Therefore, you need to write in your application if you want to be considered for a classic team if you are not accepted.
Application is open for season 23/24

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Do you want to participate on the Danish alpine team?

  • There are two Danish alpine teams and an international mountain team. If you want to apply for the International mountain team, apply above. If you want to apply for the Danish alpine team, you must follow the link below.